Orchestrating transformation success

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Conductor brings clarity to complexity at every phase of your transformation journey.

Conductor is an enterprise-grade transformation platform that creates harmony from strategy through execution, delivering KPI/benefits tracking, accountability, and governance on your terms. We empower the world’s leading organizations, government agencies, professional service firms, and private equity funds to accelerate benefits and de-risk execution.

Our customers successfully execute their most critical, large-scale programs with significant EBITDA impact, including strategic transformations, cost reductions, portfolio management, procurement and supply chain optimizations, ESG, M&A, and technology delivery.

Conductor provides a complete transformation solution — from platform to playbooks to partners.

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Conductor Fast Start

All the power of Conductor available today

Unlike traditional enterprise software, Conductor’s smart templates — known as Fast Starts — mean you can be up, running, and realizing value in days or weeks. Every Conductor subscription includes proven playbooks, flexible modules, and best practice templates for every phase of your transformation journey. The world of Conductor goes well beyond the platform, providing a fully supported ecosystem with tailored training, Agile Platform Care and technical support, and access to a growing network of partners and consultants.

Next-generation platforms deliver 3x transformation success

Conductor is the only modern transformation platform named in Constellation Research’s Report How a Transformation Platform Reimagines Success: A Look at the Traits, Data, and New Practices Behind High-Success Business and IT Change.

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The change management was smooth owing to the platform being really intuitive to use and being built for business users.”​
Nikita AsthanaGeneral Manager, Transformation Office, Olam International Ltd

Orchestrate transformation across your entire organization

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KPI/Benefits Tracking

Link strategic targets with daily decisions, offering in-the-moment insights on value creation and financial impact through focused dashboards.

  • Single source of truth. Get rid of clunky and error prone Excel trackers and version control nightmares, with flexible financial tracking for your project benefits, costs to achieve, and leading KPIs.
  • Smart dashboards. Automatically report and drill into your financials and leading KPIs, with reports and executive ready dashboards.
  • Data-driven steering. Bring insights to your next Steering Committee meeting, with visibility into benefits erosion, approval roadblocks, and project pipeline evolution.

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Perform Better Together

Ensure every team is focused on the right things that deliver the right results with an intuitive transformation copilot.

  • Robust portfolio planning and project management. Give your teams superpowers to align cross-functional teams, prioritize the right projects, and seamlessly collaborate.
  • Digitized project management workflows. Align your team with cadences for forecasting, meetings, stage gate approvals, and project reviews.
  • Automate meeting preparation and PowerPoint presentations. Run more effective meetings and give your team time to focus on delivering results.

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Reduce Risks

Create a single source of truth by connecting financial and program execution data to enable real-time, context-rich insights for faster, better decisions.

  • Connect financial and program execution data. Quickly understand the impact of changes in project timelines on program financial performance.
  • Risk and issue tracking. Track at every level of the program and escalate concerns via smart workflows.
  • Dependency management. Ensure everyone understands what’s required from their part of the work for the overall program to be successful.

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Stay in Control

Set permissions at various levels of your program and organization to ensure the right people have access to the right information, alerts, and guidance.

  • Robust access and permission controls. Ensuring team members can only see and edit the items they’re allowed to provide peace of mind that your data remains secure at all levels.
  • Proactive governance capabilities. Alerts, workflows, an auditable history of detailed changes, and other features ensure you can anticipate opportunities and challenges in advance.
  • Adaptable to your unique requirements. Automate your approval processes in the way your organization works with our no-code workflow editor and self-serve dashboards.

Why Conductor?


Made for Enterprise

The platform meets strict standards and complex requirements, setting it apart from others built for small businesses.

User-Centric Design

Conductor was designed and built by a leading enterprise software company – not consultants. Conductor delivers a seamless user experience.

Complete Transformation Solution

Beyond the platform, providing a fully supported ecosystem with tailored training, agile technical support, and access to a growing network of partners and Chief Transformation Officers.

Transformation on Your Terms

Unlike other platforms, which are often tied to rigid consulting frameworks and workflows, Conductor offers you the freedom to work your way.

The ultimate team player

With over 6,000 integrations, including Microsoft 365 apps, you can fine-tune your digital workspace to achieve results faster.


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Atlassian Jira

Analyze your technology delivery alongside the rest of your project data for a comprehensive view of your program delivery.

Microsoft Entra ID

Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Active Directory)

Single Sign-On (SSO) federates Conductor into existing work environments, and directory sync makes user management quick and easy.

Excel logo

Microsoft Excel

Build and maintain a library of Excel-based Conductor Playbooks and import/export Conductor’s live task and KPI data directly into Excel for easy editing.

Outlook logo

Microsoft Outlook

Trigger the creation of a task directly from Outlook so action items are never lost.

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

Conductor is a tier-one Power BI partner, providing a real-time data source and embedding native Power BI tiles and dashboards. Leverage Conductor’s rich project execution and KPI/benefits data in your custom Power BI dashboards, combined with third-party data, and embed directly in Conductor’s native Dashboards with full support for our rich permission management and Filter Bar.

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Microsoft PowerPoint

Export Conductor’s dynamic data widgets and Flash Reports to PowerPoint to easily share data visualizations with stakeholders.

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Microsoft Teams

Connect Microsoft Teams Channels to Conductor Projects and bring the powerful Conductor interface right into your Teams environment. Interact with Dashboards and Kanban-style Task boards on Teams Channel tabs. Deliver Conductor Notifications right into Teams discussions.


No more waiting for developers to bring order to your apps. Zapier integrates 6000+ apps, including Conductor, to tame the chaos with automation and accomplish more with less work.

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Enterprise Orchestration Maturity

Leveraging our experience orchestrating thousands of enterprise transformation projects, our team has developed the Conductor Enterprise Orchestration Maturity model and assessment. This no-obligation, rapid assessment will empower you and your transformation team to understand key areas of investment and focus to mature your organization’s transformation execution capabilities. The model looks at ten dimensions distributed across People, Process, and Platform categories, and you’ll receive a score and full report during the 30-minute call.