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Financial Services

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New challenges and opportunities are quickly reshaping financial services. Driven by our rapidly advancing technology, there’s a massive opportunity for the industry to significantly scale bottom lines while driving equally significant social impact and change.


Conductor solves the challenges of financial services projects

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Inconsistent program planning across different phases of a program creates inefficiencies and unnecessary rework.


Limited real-time visibility into program progress, limiting leadership’s ability to effectively make decisions.

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No mechanism for continued program monitoring and reporting after vendors have exited, poses risk to long-term effectiveness.


Ineffective collaboration between different workstreams and vendors on a program due to unclear processes/ workflow, create inefficiencies and unwanted delays.

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Highly manual processes require dedicated full time employees to provide ongoing low value work.


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There is no better system than this to keep us accountable.”​
Monica HaiderVice President of Engagement, UWM

Hear about the Enterprise Orchestration success of UWM, the #1 national wholesale mortgage lending company with over 20% market share in America.

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A top mortgage lender required a project management solution that could oversee their resources more efficiently. Conductor orchestrated a platform that housed all their internal material and provided multiple automated functions for the business.​

A large global agri-business gained visibility and oversight of a transformation initiative of their finance group spanning 50 profit centers in 12 countries.

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