M&A post-merger integration

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Maximize post M&A merger synergies

The actual acquisition is only part of the story. A successful transaction in today’s Enterprise Orchestration Era requires not only a buyer and seller to agree on terms, but also to navigate the very difficult and treacherous post-merger integration. Often this is where the deal begins to fall short of its promise, but where taking a new approach to tech-enabled integration can keep post-merger integrations on track.


Conductor solves the challenges of M&A integration projects

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Inconsistent program planning across different phases of a program creates inefficiencies and unnecessary rework.


Limited real-time visibility into program progress, limiting leadership’s ability to effectively make decisions.

Chain links

No mechanism for continued program monitoring and reporting after vendors have exited, poses risk to long-term effectiveness.


Ineffective collaboration between different workstreams and vendors on a program due to unclear processes/ workflow, create inefficiencies and unwanted delays.

Speech bubbles

Highly manual processes require dedicated full time employees to provide ongoing low value work.


Single source of truth

With Conductor™ as the single source of truth for your integration, planning is simplified. The entire team is unified under a common integration plan, with greater transparency and accountability.

Using Conductor’s in-platform live-data visualizations, it’s easy to identify and surface the information that accelerates decision-making and demonstrates value-realized to shareholders.

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“Very good transparency about what’s going on in all the initiatives and projects.”​
Henning BorkVice President IT, Digitialisation & Strategy, ASPMPT

Hear more about the Enterprise Orchestration success of ASMPT Solutions, the world’s largest supplier of best-in-class equipment and technological process partner for the electronics industry, as they explain how Conductor helps them succeed in their M&A efforts.

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Innovative enterprises around the world choose Conductor

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US auto repair company was recently acquired by a private equity firm and launched an operational transformation across 350+ sites – including standardizing structure, workflows, reporting, and automation within 3 weeks.

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After completing a ~$3bn acquisition, a global electrical industrial products manufacturer used Conductor to coordinate work across 100s of team members from both organizations along with multiple law firms and consultancies across 15 workstreams globally in a complex legal and regulatory environment.

A leading global telecom service provider acquired a multimedia company and needed a platform that delivered oversight and visibility into all activities. Conductor orchestrated high-level visibility, providing the company with oversight into all program activities.


The Integration Management Office (IMO) team at a leading automation technologies company needed a platform to increase efficiency after a multi-billion dollar transaction. Conductor orchestrated complex multi function processes that created a global workforce with increased coordination and transparency.

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