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Private equity firms are facing a tsunami of challenges of extended inflation, high interest rates, regulatory fluctuations, geo-political uncertainty and potential recession, among other hurdles, such that holding on to an investment and waiting for it to naturally accrue value is no longer a viable option. Increasingly, investors and their portfolio companies are turning to the proven Enterprise Orchestration operating model, a/k/a value creation Portfolio Orchestration, to pro-actively drive improvements and establish a next-gen operating framework for continuous evolution.  

Portfolio Orchestration benefits both investors and portfolio companies from fundraising to exits with a next-gen model that heightens OpCo performance for increasing value, including overall automation and efficiency for increased liquidity, even in the most challenging economic environments. 

Portfolio Orchestration: Proven Orchestration operational model for PE firms to successfully navigate 2023 market volatility

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      Common delivery challenges solved with Portfolio Orchestration


Inconsistent planning

Inconsistency in program planning across different phases of a program creates inefficiencies and unnecessary rework.

Lack of benefits tracking

Program and benefits data/KPIs are typically tracked in multiple sources and manual efforts required, hampering effective decision making for leadership.

Ineffective Collaboration

Ineffective collaboration between different workstreams and vendors on a program due to unclear processes/workflow, create risks, inefficiencies and unwanted delays.

Continued Risk Management

The lack of a mechanism for continued program monitoring and reporting after vendors have exited poses risk to long-term effectiveness.

No single source of truth

Limited centralized and consolidated real-time visibility into progress and impact from the journey to date leads to a lack of data-driven decision-making and stakeholder and change comms and management.

Manual processes

Highly manual processes require dedicated FTEs to provide ongoing low value work.


“Sensei Labs Conductor has been revolutionary for us at Marelli in managing over 50 different restructuring/value creation initiatives. In addition to that, we run our ESG/Sustainability, product development/R&D, and Finance/HR Transformations through Conductor as well. Conductor is highly value adding and I can run all this as one person rather than having streams of external consulting firms. I can’t imagine doing any future VCP’s without this- the only negative in my eyes is that I didn’t come up with the concept myself.”​

Mike MillsDirector at KKR, Senior Vice President, office of value creation and change at Marelli



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