Creating M&A Value Through Orchestration

Sensei Labs

What is an Orchestration-based model, and why should M&A leaders pay attention to this emerging trend?  

Listen to an engaging episode of the M&A Talk (Mergers & Acquisitions), by Morgan & Westfield where our CEO Jay Goldman defines enterprise and portfolio orchestration, and discusses how orchestration can help companies accelerate value creation, by going beyond closing the deal to creating a more durable, repeatable, and scalable model for long-term value creation. 

Tune in to learn the types of transformation conducted to improve overall M&A execution success. 


The Entrepreneur’s Story Podcast

Sensei Labs

Our Co-founder and CEO, Jay Goldman, sat down with host Dennis Crowley to chat about his story and how our company came to be. They talked about Jay’s experience in building and growing Sensei Labs and his experience as the New York Times Best Selling author of the book The Decoded Company.

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