Jay Goldman and other tech leaders’ favorite lifestyle and productivity apps

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Life’s challenging. Staying organized and on-track with an endless to-do list can be a daily struggle. There are thousands (millions?) of apps out there to help us manage our schedules, monitor our health, boost our productivity, calm our nerves, keep our to-do lists in order—and anything and everything in between.  “Shopping around” for the best apps can be overwhelming. 

For discovering the best business- and personal-use apps available, our Co-Founder and CEO Jay along with other experts in the Forbes Technology Council share their favorite lifestyle and productivity apps and explain how these technologies help them succeed. 

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The Entrepreneur’s Story Podcast

Sensei Labs

Our Co-founder and CEO, Jay Goldman, sat down with host Dennis Crowley to chat about his story and how our company came to be. They talked about Jay’s experience in building and growing Sensei Labs and his experience as the New York Times Best Selling author of the book The Decoded Company.

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